Completing and Updating your Complete Profile

Once logged-in, you can fill-out your profile and return at any time to keep it up-to-date. Because the GIS Inventory is a "living inventory," all answers are saved in the database and you can return at any time to update the information that has changed. It is very important that you update your account when changes occur, because the System will update all of your metadata information and push the updated files out to other national systems.

Your profile is divided into several sections that will display in the left hand navigation area once you've selected "My Profile" from the main toolbar. As you complete the information, make sure that you click on the Save and Continue button to save your data and move automatically to the next section of your profile.
[tab]My Profile
[tab]Organizational Profile
[tab]Systems Profile
[tab]My Geography
[tab]My Data Layers
[tab]GIS Data API
[tab]My Reports

Please complete all relevant information in each section. Beneficial reports, metadata templates and search functions are automatically generated based on your answers to these sections. The more complete your information, the better the system works for everyone. In addition, please provide answers to the questions in the State Questions tab if it appears. This information is needed to improve statewide coordination efforts in your state.

My Profile

Upon logging-in, you will see the My Profile section. The information you entered when you created your account is listed in this section. You can change/update this information at any time.

Users can register in multiple states, but should only do so if they produce data in multiple state areas and want to be associated with multiple state GIS communities.

BEST PRACTICE: NSGIC recommends users review and update their Profile once every three months, as well as after any major re-location, re-organization, or personnel changes.

Organizational Profile

Organizational information is important for understanding data origins and aggregating records across large or federated organizations. It is also used when searching the GIS Inventory Directory. List your organization's web site and all application areas relevant to your organization.

BEST PRACTICE: If you leave your job we ask that you notify the GIS Inventory system administrator ( Let us know who will temporarily replace you and we can re-assign your profile to help provide continuity for the organization's online profile during this transition.

Systems Profile

The Systems Profile is where you document important information regarding your general data production, maintenance, and publishing environment. It is CRITICAL that you provide the URL to your Internet mapping site, etc.


Your organization's policies communicate under what circumstances and conditions you make your data available. Due to the variability in organizational policies related to GIS data, this is an important aspect to document to communicate.

State Questions

You may also see selections for additional state questions for the states in which you are registered. Not all states have unique questions.