What If I Need to Find Specific Data?

Free Text Keyword Search
To search for a specific type of data, you can enter any data theme keyword. For example, a search by the term "fire" returns all data layers with "fire" in the theme description, including layers like Emergency Services Districts and Fire Stations.

Search by Data Layer Name
Using the drop-down menu, you can search by the layer name as it is listed in the GIS Inventory system. There are nearly 500 different data layer types inventoried by the system; they are listed alphabetically.

Narrowing Your Search
You can narrow your search by the Progress on the data layer (e.g., complete, in work, planned), the production date and other available choices.

Multiple Search Terms
Use any combination of search terms to find exactly what you are looking for. Like any search tool, the simpler the term the more likely you are to find the information you want.

Browse All Entries
In the Data Layers tab, you can also browse all data layers inventoried in the system by clicking "Browse Data Layers." You can also sort certain columns using the controls at the top.