Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Download GIS Data from Ramona?

The GIS Inventory Is NOT a source for GIS Data. The GIS Inventory tracks the status of data, people, organizations, policies and systems. It does not have the actual data layers in the system for download. You can use the "Data Layers" search and the "Status Map" on the GIS Inventory homepage to identify your geographic area of interest and get information on what data exists for that area. You can then click onto web site/clearinghouse links if available or contact organizations directly to see about getting the data. You can also locate links to Map Services when that information is provided. They are located in the Metadata files and on the Data Layers list.

2. Can I Upload My Existing Metadata?

When inventorying data in the My Profile section, you can provide a web link to your complete metadata file. The GIS Inventory is inherently an inventory system, not a metadata system. However, a new feature in Version 5.0 is the ability to register a State Clearinghouse or other appropriate site to upload existing metadata files to the GIS Inventory. Users interested in this capability must submit a support request.

3. Why Didn't I Get an E-Mail Message to Validate My Account?

The configuration of the E-Mail servers and firewall at your organization is probably the problem. The short-term 'fix' is to submit a Support Request and let us know that you didn't get your validation message. We will validate your account and send you a message from our personal accounts that should make it through your E-Mail service. After this, you will be able to log-in to the System. The long-term fix is to ask your firewall administrator to allow messages from our System.