Improving the flow of work and information between local, state and Federal agencies is an excellent reason to participate, but the following are also good reasons to create an account and inventory the GIS data that you produce. Please explore the site starting with the Status Map and Data Layers tabs at the top of the page to learn what the GIS Inventory can offer you. To create your own account, just click on the Create New Account button in the upper right corner of the Home Page and then follow the instructions. Most users find the site is very intuitive, but if you need help, it is available on the Getting Started and Support tabs at the top of the page.

It's Quick and Painless

It takes about 25 minutes to create a complete profile and 2 minutes to inventory each data layer. The total time invested by a typical data producer is 60 to 90 minutes that can be spread over a week or two. A good practice is to revisit the site once per month to update your information and to see who else is participating.

Easiest Way to Create CSDGM-Compliant Metadata

Some Federal programs require submission of CSDGM-Compliant Metadata for data created under grants and contracts that they issue. The GIS Inventory provides a very simple interface to create the required Metadata.

Professional Competency

A basic professional competency is documenting the data that you produce and making this information on your data available to others. When you complete a thorough profile and document your data layers, the GIS Inventory will produce metadata that is compliant with the Federal Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM). Between the internal operation of the GIS Inventory and the metadata record available to other national systems, you are documenting your data holdings for the entire geospatial community. This information is automatically shared with Federal agencies and is ingested in the Data.Gov portal which transfers it to the Geospatial Platform.

It Connects Your Community

By leading the way in your community, you will encourage surrounding jurisdictions to participate. This will help you discover their information when you need it for emergencies or routine work.

It Connects You Nationally

You can use the system to locate others in your community of practice to get help with tough applications. Maintaining a complete and up-to-date profile allows other agencies to find you for partnering opportunities. It also positions you to be better informed about new national initiatives.

It Prevents Pesky Surveys

When states adopt the GIS Inventory, there is no need for the routine surveys conducted by Federal and state agencies - they will go right to the GIS Inventory for their answers.