Version 5.0 Upgrades


Version 5 was built to accommodate new features, including custom questionnaires (e.g. the U.S. Census Bureau Address Authority questionnaire) and the new Public Safety Interface designed for GIS Users in the Public Safety Community.

Single National System

The 'standard' user interface, Public Safety Interface and all custom questionnaires are fully integrated into a single database. They are maintained through a new content management system that is compatible with the new NSGIC Web Site released in 2011.

Public Safety Interface

The Public Safety Interface was developed with assistance from the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation (NAPSG). It provides convenient connectivity to many other information sources that are only relevant to this community. It was also the 'driver' for new Directory search functions that have great utility in this community.

Harvesting of State Clearinghouse Sites

Version 5 allows State Clearinghouse Sites to register and request that their records be harvested. This is done through a sophisticated interface and thesaurus that converts the 'Title' of each record to one of the standardized data layer names in the System.

Improved Hardware and Speed

The server for the GIS Inventory was upgraded to more powerful processors that can run sixteen 'threads' at one time. All other relevant features (e.g. RAM and Hard Disks) were likewise upgraded to improve System performance. In addition, the server uses RAID technology, an on-board backup drive and a remote backup system to ensure the integrity of your information.