Version 6.0 Upgrades


Version 6.0 was built to accommodate an all new design of the System and map interface. The new design focused on making the System more easily understood by the user and bringing all navigation features up to date. The previous versions of the System included separate interfaces for the general GIS community and the Public Safety community. They have been consolidated in this version of the System to encourage both communities to work more closely together. All of the improvements are based on user feedback to improve the utility and function of the System.

Status Map

A Leaflet (tm) map interface and improved base maps were installed with Version 6.0 to provide improved function and to more easily locate ground features and jurisdictions. This modification also allows us provide APIs that you can embed into your own web pages.

Harvesting of State Clearinghouse Sites

Version 6.0 allows non-administrative users to harvest State Clearinghouse Sites and other Web Accessible Folders (WAF) or FTP sites by simply creating a User Account and a Harvest Account. This is done through a sophisticated interface and thesaurus that converts the 'Title' of each record to one of the standardized data layer names in the System. Your original information is preserved by the System and passed through to other national systems.

Video Tutorials

Version 6.0 includes online video tutorials for each of the basic system functions. This allows users to more easily learn how to use the System and understand how it functions.

Improved Hardware and Speed

The server for the GIS Inventory was upgraded to more powerful processors that can run thirty-two 'threads' at one time. All other relevant features (e.g. RAM and Hard Disks) were likewise upgraded to improve System performance. In addition, the server uses RAID technology, an on-board backup drive and a redundant remote backup system to ensure the integrity of your information.